How To Raise Cattle For Meat

How To Raise Cattle For Meat

There are different type off breeds that will be talking about for functional efficiency. For this to happen successfully it need time your mind and finally what do u thing about it for future.

It is very much costly to run a farm as individually unless you out source some off the things that are needed in the farm .firstly you need a ceo someone who will work on behalf of you.

That someone must have an experience on how to run farm, and has worked in a farm for some years. To employ the ceo it reduces stress as an owner off the farm because a financial adviser and the ceo will make the job well done for the farm to be good for functional efficiency, The financial adviser and the ceo will work on the investment capital that has been drafted on their books.

Availabillity of water and electricity must be near by the farm and proper fencing must be done, that will give a clear picture to the ceo which land is good for cattle to do rotational grazing in the farm, and it will help her to know how many breed he must purchase for the farm and food nutrition and good medicine to vaccinate the cattle. Last but not least a farm owner now where to sell his product after production has been done.

The Types Of Breed That Is Good For Functional Efficiency For Cattle

Wagyu, Senepol, Angus, Bonsmara, Boran and the Tuli breed, to name a few.

These breeds is mostly supplied on the South African market, they even reduced exportation to boost it availability even more. A number of abattoirs use objective measures of the carcass quality. How To Raise Cattle All carcasses are graded independently by the South African meat industry company. Beef with marbling scores of 1 and 2 must be used as ground meet (hamburgers). Score of 3 must be sold as primal cuts. Mostly scores of 4 are for exports.

BONSMARA- This breed has good adaptability on the veld, good mothering ability. Usually their growth is not affected by intensive conditions and their carcass quality is exceptional.

Boran- The boran is broad its mouth is wide and it stronger than most breeds. Its ribs are long and perfectly placed for good capacity. The boran cows have good udders with teats that are exceptional at rearing calves. The other good quality about this breed is their thick loose skin with short shiny hair which keeps the ticks away.

ANGUS- This breed has hoofs that are well rounded and deep with an even floor. They have a fill broad chest that is not pinched even on harsh conditions, they continue to breed and rear their calves.

Nutrition And Caring For Meat Cattle.

The most important thing about nutrition in a cow,feed is that it helps the cow to be much healthier. A cow with access to enough feed should be in a body condition that enables her to calve without a problems and become pregnant again within 90 days .How ever a cow also provide her own growth as well as these extra nutritional requirements .

The main thing to achieve this, she must receive extra protein, calcium phosphates and other vitamins and minerals in her ration, this are the best strategies available to improve the productivity of a cow. In the first place, the correct fodder flow off planning is necessary to ensure that enough feed is available during crucial period .Too little feed to a cow causes poor body condition and low weaning weight. Secondly it is very much important to manage replacement of a cow in a separate herd until at least after their second calves so they do not have to compete with mature cows for feed.

Factors Affecting The Growth Of Cattle.

Forest Fires- More like the water scarcity issue, forest fires get to affect the production and meat quality, if it gets intense, it may even lead to loss of the cattle.

Drought- The scarcity of water affects the farming industry in a major way, starting with the avalailabilty of grazing lands, this happens to ruin the production rate, meat quality and more. If not taken care of, it can be fatal.

Pollution- Poor sanitation, like the dumping of plastic material can lead to the animals ingesting them, leading to poor digestion, unwell livestock and even death.

The Growing of Healthy Profitable Cattle

In most causes strategic injectable trace mineral products can be used to optimize animal, trace mineral balance. The ideal body weight for a profitable cattle and when is with the bull is 65% of her expected adult weight. This means she will weigh between 80 and 85% of her adult weight when she calves for the first time. Under these conditions a heifer has the best chance of becoming pregnant again within 90 days after calving.

Therefore it is important to monitor the body condition of heifers’ regularly and make the necessary adjustments, as this will allow them to reach their growth targets. Bear in mind, it is much co-effective  to keep an animal in condition, hence do not allow animals to lose too weight after calving,  because getting them back into condition is expensive and can cause them not to reconceive in time.

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