How To Raise Chicken In A Farm As A Beginners

How To Raise Chicken In A Farm As A Beginners

Raising chickens in a back yard garden does not require a lot of capital and the required houses are called chicken coops.

When raising chickens in a backyard garden a lot has to be considered, like the chicken coops, with a direction that will enable the sun to penetrate through and must be well ventilated.

There should behave ability of clean water, clean feeding litters, and proper feed packed with balanced nutrients and supplements for their rapid growth.

For functional efficiency in chicken farming, researching is required and getting information from an Agricultural department under the veterinary section. The Agricultural entity sometimes host trainings for grouped individuals to enhance their knowledge and at times the attendees are certified for attendance which encourages them to excel in their projects.

When farming chickens, there are things to consider like the equipment needed for efficiency in production, vaccines to ensure healthy chickens and the proper feed. Where financing is made available for equipment to be bought, otherwise we encourage people to improvise.

Different Types Of Poultry Houses
1) Brooder / chick house – it is used to brood and rear egg-type chicks from 0 to 8 weeks of age.
2) Grower house – it is used to grow egg-type birds from 9 to 18 weeks of age.

The Different Breeds Of Chickens And Their Profitability

There are a lot of different breeds of chickens which are easy to maintain depending on the location and climate. They can be very productive

depending on the type bred and to name a few of the chickens that ideal for first time keepers;

Feed Trough Management Guidelines

Feedthrough scale must be accurate.
Keeping accurate and thorough records of feed in and out of the troughs is vital.
Feed must be distributed along the entire length of the feed trough.
Mix ration must be thoroughly.
Feed and drinking area must be sufficient and must be cleaned fortnightly.
Be aware of climate change.

New Guidelines on How To Be A Successful Backyard Chicken Farmer

In order to start backyard chicken farming, you need to know the requirements necessary for healthy breeding profitable chickens’.

You might want to alert your neighbors on your chicken farming just in case they loiter to your neighbor’s premises.

Another thing to consider would be to involve the Agricultural sector which will assist you in selling your produce or to channel you to the companies that buy from individual farmers.

Take into account the type of breed you will keep as some chickens are noisy and this could offend neighbors especially in the wee hours of the morning.

Coops must be built in order to produce good quality breed. Also taking into consideration is that breeding chickens for profit may not be difficult as long as you adhere on the ways to care for the chickens.

When embarking on chicken farming in urban areas like City centers and outskirts of town will require the farmer to construct a proper coop.

When land is small, a smaller scale of the coop must be built and it should either be a double story structure or an L-shaped structure which will house quite a number of chickens.

Availability of clean water and a feed storeroom is a must and the water should be kept separate from the water to avoid mildew on the food packaging. Ideally, keep the food in dry places.

Ensure the cleanliness of the coop, before loading chickens and after taking them out for selling. It is a must that you disinfect the coop and make sure that when you load chickens into the coop, the disinfectant has dried off.

Remember that chickens are very good in producing and reproducing for functional efficiency. They are also good in adapting, mothering ability and produce very good carcass.

Incentify Your Employees

Many successful business farmers recommend that it is a good diction to incentivize your employees as they are your greatest assets in a business and are the first person that comes to mind every day becoming a part of you.

To incentivize your employees, you need self-reliance team that works on a target and the more the production the better the incentive.

Most employees are demotivated due to not being incentivized for their hard work and dedication as it’s an effective method to encourage your employees.

Always have a monthly target for your employees and ensure that you avail all the necessary food and equipment to effect the production. Before the goal is attained, your employees must understand the vision of the farm and how the incentive method will be carried out.


It is wise to research on the breed, how to care for it, the ideal house and the equipment required. Also bear in mind the target market for your product and ways of how you will get your product to your consumers.

Financial forecast on your profit and loss should be carefully looked into as you do not want to take on a project that will milk you dry and not give a tangible production.

Also to note is the availability of water as you would not want your chickens to be stressed, dehydrated and die.

It is advisable to have a cement built tank that will help especially in dry season as you would have harvested water or made means to have water in the tank always.

Some of the chicken vaccines must be added in water then administered.
Use available resources to run your farm especially land.

How To Raise Chickens You may have a limited space but make use the available space as the coop planning will determine the intake of chickens to be bred.

For fencing, you are advised to use the one with small holes to deter predators from feeding off your chickens. Clear off any bushy area close by the coop.

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